Apple Card now offers 0% financing for Mac, iPad, and more

It was rumored to be happening just last week, but now it’s official: Apple Card now offers installment plans, with 0% financing, for a wide range of new Apple-branded products.

On Monday, Apple officially launched support for interest-free monthly installment plans that cover a range of new products sold by Apple. With this new feature, it will give Apple Card customers the ability to pick up something like an iPad Pro, or a MacBook Pro, with 0% financing and pay off the device over time. And, as usual, Apple Card customers will earn the 3% Daily Cash reward with these purchases as well.

It’s worth noting right out of the gate that the Apple Watch and the iPod touch are not eligible for the new installment plans.

If the product you’re looking for does support the new Apple Card option, it will be available on the device’s checkout page. Macs, iPads, the Pro Display XDR, and other products are tied to 12-month interest-free installments, while the HomePod, AirPods, and the Apple TV are all covered under a six-month interest-free installment umbrella.

The wait is over for Apple Card customers who have been wanting 0% financing for these products when purchased with the Apple-branded credit card. If you fit this description, do you plan on taking advantage of the new offering as soon as you can?

Who’s buying that Pro Display XDR with 0% financing for 12 months? Let us know in the comments!