‘Little Orpheus’ is the newest adventure game for Apple Arcade

Looking to scratch that adventure game itch, and just so happen to be an Apple Arcade subscriber? Well then good news, because the subscription service just added another game to its expanding roster.

On Friday, Apple Arcade welcomed an adventure title called Little Orpheus to the mix. This is a single-player game developed by Sumo Digital. It’s rated for all ages, so even though the rest of the family might not be able to join in on the fun at the same time, it might be a nice way to kick back and enjoy a story set in 1962, involves NASA, and has dinosaurs, too.

Little Orpheus tells the story of a Soviet cosmonaut who is dropped into an “extinct volcano” in an exploration capsule. The goal? Explore the center of the earth. However, things go wrong almost immediately when the cosmonaut “promptly vanishes”. That same cosmonaut returns three years later, without a nuclear bomb he was initially coupled with, and says that he saved the world. As the explorer recounts the story of his adventures, players will take the role of the brave individual as they explore the world far below the earth’s surface.

Players will explore undersea kingdoms, prehistoric jungles, and lost civilizations. Battling a lost tribe and monsters will be par for the course through the cosmonaut’s explorations, and all of this is inspired by classic films like Flash Gordon and Sinbad and the Land That Time Forgot.

The story is doled out in eight episodes, which Sumo Digital says are “commute-friendly”. It’s a side-scrolling adventure game that looks like a lot of fun, especially if you’re already an Apple Arcade subscriber which retails for $4.99 per month.

Check out the launch trailer just below:

Do you think you’ll be checking out Little Orpheus?