iOS 13.6 adds new ‘Symptoms’ section in the Health app

Along with adding a new toggle to manage automatic downloads and installation of new iOS software, the latest iOS 13.6 beta has revealed a new addition for the stock Health app.

As noted by MacRumors on Tuesday, following Apple seeding the latest beta of iOS 13.6 to developers, the Health app has a new addition: symptoms. This new section will allow users to quickly and easily add symptoms of various illnesses. Those symptoms include body aches, dizziness, nausea, headaches, changes in appetite, muscle aches, fainting, coughing, among others.

This new section can be found by tapping the “Add Data” option within the stock Health app. For those who take advantage of the new section, it will be an easy way to keep track of symptoms when needed. What’s more, Apple’s Health app will describe each of the symptoms. And users will be able to add additional information like whether or not the symptom is present or not, severe, moderate, or mild.

This will allow patients to share even more information with their health officials when it’s necessary, and should be a welcomed new addition for those who use Apple’s stock app.

The latest beta of iOS 13.6 is still being sifted through, so it’s possible we will see additional new features discovered in the prerelease software. If that happens, we’ll let you know.