Apple seeds first beta of tvOS 13.4.8 to developers

Earlier this week, Apple seeded new betas for upcoming software updates to iOS and its other platforms, and now it’s preparing the Apple TV, too.

On Wednesday, Apple seeded the first beta of tvOS 13.4.8 to developers. This is two weeks after Apple released tvOS 13.4.5 to the public. As far as what’s new in this beta, that remains to be seen. However, it’s likely that this software will not include any major forward facing new features for the end user.

Developers can install the new software through a profile using Xcode. The latest versions of Apple’s tvOS are designed for the fourth- and fifth-generation Apple TV set-top boxes, and that is indeed the case this time around as well.

This update will be minor in scale in the grand scheme of things, likely focusing on behind-the-scenes tweaks and improvements. If there are any new features discovered in the prerelease software, we will update this post accordingly.

Looking ahead, Apple is expected to unveil the next major update to tvOS later this month during the all-digital Worldwide Developers Conference set to start on Monday, June 22. We don’t know what Apple plans on bringing to the Apple TV, but we don’t have long to wait to find out.