Apple plans to reopen nearly 100 stores in the U.S. this week

Apple closed its retail stores all across the globe in early March. Since then, the company has been focused on reopening physical storefronts as soon as it deems it feasible.

As a result, Apple has been reopening stores on a rolling basis. That includes in South Korea, Australia and Austria, and others. Apple’s goal was to start reopening its stores in early May, and so far that has indeed been the case. Of course, these reopening stores have new rules in place in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. That includes temperature checks (which has not always been a welcomed addition in some regions), social distancing within the stores, and more.

As of today, Apple has reopened 148 Apple retail stores across the globe. And that number is about to grow.

Now, 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple’s reopening push in the United States will really kick off this week, with the company opening nearly 100 retail locations in the area over the course of this week. Many of the stores will have only curbside or storefront services, so customers won’t be able to actually enter the store — yet. Apple has been slowly reopening stores in the United States this month, which includes more than 25 locations throughout the country.

Per the report, here’s Apple’s statement on store reopenings:

This week we’ll return to serving customers in many US locations. For customer safety and convenience, most stores will offer curbside or storefront service only, where we provide online order pick-up and Genius Bar appointments. Others will be open for walk-in customers and we encourage everyone to check their local store webpage for more information about hours at their preferred location. Customers can also visit for support by phone or chat.

We are committed to reopening our stores in a very thoughtful manner with the health and safety of our customers and teams as our top priority, and we look forward to seeing our customers again soon.

It’s worth noting that each state has different rules in place due to the coronavirus. However, as noted in the original report, it’s likely that all Apple Stores, no matter which state they are in, will require customers to check their temperature and be required to wear a mask to enter a store that is allowing customers in. Apple will continue to push online sales for its products, at least for now, and in-store browsing will be severely limited.

The original report has a complete list of the U.S. stores that are reopening this week. I’ve gone ahead and just listed the states that will see stores reopening, so be sure to check out the full report to see if your local store is on the list this week.

Reopening Apple Stores this week

  • Arizona: 6 stores reopening
  • California: 29 stores reopening
  • Florida: 11 stores reopening
  • Georgia: 6 stores reopening
  • Indiana: 1 store reopening
  • Kansas: 1 store reopening
  • Kentucky: 2 stores reopening
  • Michigan: 5 stores reopening
  • Missouri: 3 stores reopening
  • Nevada: 3 stores reopening
  • New Mexico: 1 store reopening
  • New York City: 1 store reopening
  • Ohio: 7 stores reopening
  • Oregon: 1 store reopening
  • Pennsylvania: 1 store reopening
  • South Carolina: 1 store reopening
  • Tennessee: 2 stores reopening
  • Texas: 17 stores reopening
  • Utah: 3 stores reopening
  • Virginia: 2 stores reopening
  • Wisconsin: 1 store reopening