Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers are now available to purchase from in 7 countries

Mesh Wi-Fi routers from Eero have landed on the online Apple store’s virtual shelves.

According to the announcement, Eero is now available to purchase from in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

“This is an exciting step towards delivering our vision to bring eero to more customers and homes around the world, providing them with a safe and reliable network for their smart home,” reads the press release from Eero.

With our TrueMesh technology, your eero network learns and optimizes for your space, devices and usage. Get fast, reliable Wi-Fi to all of the connected devices in your home as you work, game and stream video in every corner of the house (backyard included).

The following Eero routers are available on

Apple used to be one of the key players in this space. Since the discontinuation of the AirPort family of wireless home appliances two years ago, has been picking up alternatives.

Eero was the first vendor to update its wireless routers with support for HomeKit at the start of 2020. HomeKit, as you know, is Apple’s framework for smart home device development.

Unveiled in June 2019, HomeKit for routers rolled out with iOS 13 a few months alter.

Meant to act as a firewall of its own designed to help keep connected devices and accessories safe and secure, HomeKit for routers prevents devices that are connected to the secured network from talking to devices that are outside of your home, unless given explicit permission.

If you’re interested in Eero products, you can now shop their routers on