iOS 13.5 beta adds ability to share Medical ID information while making an emergency call

On Wednesday, Apple seeded the fourth developer beta of iOS 13.5, and now that the pre-release software is out in the wild new discoveries are being made.

As noted today by MacRumors, Apple has added a new addition for when iPhone owners need to make an emergency call. After installing iOS 13.5, users will be asked to look over their Medical ID information when opening the Health app. After finalizing the information, iPhone owners will also be able to toggle on or off the ability to share their Medical ID info when making an emergency call.

When this feature is switched on and an emergency call is made, the information is automatically shared with the dispatcher that answers the call.

iPhone and Apple Watch can automatically send the information in your Medical ID to the dispatcher who answers your call.

This can speed up the process of getting the care you need.

This should make things faster when it’s absolutely necessary to be able to quickly share information. Unfortunately the public will have to wait for iOS 13.5 to launch before they’ll be able to use it, which will hopefully not take too much longer.

In related news, Apple also altered the COVID-19 exposure notification opt-in interface, making it clearer for the end user.