Pandora’s Apple Watch app now supports Siri

Pandora has supported the Apple Watch with an official app for a bit of time now, and now it supports Siri.

Pandora has updated its official app on April 29, bringing the version number to 2004.2. With it, the app adds several new features to the mix, including Siri support on the Apple Watch. With this, Pandora users will be able to ask the digital assistant to play stations, songs, albums, and podcasts right on the smartwatch. Just say something like, “Hey Siri, play Thumbprint Radio on Pandora” and it should start playing.

Siri support is also expanding in general for Pandora, and you can now use your voice to add a song to your collection or into a playlist. You can even tell Siri you like or dislike a song that is currently playing.

Here is the official changelog from today’s update:

NEW: Edit Shuffle Stations feature

* Available for Premium listeners

* Select which stations you want to play on shuffle

NEW: Siri on Apple Watch

* Ask Siri to play stations, songs, albums, and podcasts: “Hey Siri, play Thumbprint Radio on Pandora.”

* Tell Siri you like or dislike the current song: “Hey Siri, I like this song.”


* Ask Siri to add music to your collection or for a specific playlist: “Hey Siri, add Hotel California to my collection on Pandora.” (Premium listeners only)

* Tell Siri you like or dislike the current song.

* Even more personalized discovery to help you find and listen to the music you love.

Pandora for iOS and the Apple Watch is free. It does offer a premium subscription option, though, which includes ad-free listening similar to Apple Music and Spotify.

In related news, Spotify launched Siri support for its own Apple Watch app earlier this month.