Apple showcases ‘The Art of Music Production’ in new video with music producer Oak Felder

In Apple’s latest video, the company shows off how its products can be used for music production.

This latest video goes a bit further, though, especially considering it measures in at almost seven minutes. Viewers will follow Oak Felder, a Grammy-nominated songwriter and music producer as he works through the process of creating a new song. Felder offers a worthwhile interview along the way, talking about his process, developing his own unique sound, music production in general, and working with the world’s top artists.

Follow hitmaking, Grammy-nominated songwriter and music producer Oak Felder as he creates a new song. Along the way, he speaks about music production, creating his own unique sound, working with the world’s top artists, and what it means for young artists to have access to powerful technology.

Apple also notes in the description of the video that we see a couple of different products, including the new 16-inch MacBook Pro and Logic Pro X (which Apple is currently offering a 90-day free trial for).

You can check out “The Art of Music Production” just below.

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