Apple is offering 90-day free trials for Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X

If you have been wanting to try out Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, now may be the time to give it a shot.

Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X are Apple’s video and audio editing software. Apple has currently launched 90-day free trials for both pieces of professional editing tools, which should be a nice bonus for anyone working at home who wants to try them out. The 90-day trials are available for all customers.

Final Cut Pro X isn’t a stranger to free trials. Up until this moment the software has had a 30-day free trial in place for folks to try out. This 90-day trial is just for a limited time, and when it expires it will revert back to the normal 30-day option. Meanwhile, Logic Pro X hasn’t had a free trial in place before.

The especially good news is that if you’ve tried the 30-day trial before, you can still sign up for this new 90-day trial of Final Cut Pro X.

So if you want to try out either piece of software, or both, you can find the free trial at the dedicated websites for both. Just click on the following links: Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X.