Apple releases a longer version of the inaugural iPhone SE ad “The Opening”

Apple United Kingdom’s official YouTube channel today shared a longer version of the inaugural iPhone SE ad in which the company depicted an early adopter peeling off the protective film from his brand spanking new handset. The new video shows the entire unboxing scene.

And here it is…

Song: “Yaya” by Ron Rogers

For comparison’s sake, here’s the shorter, online version of the video commercial.

The new iPhone SE is now available in stores.

The $399 phone, Apple’s most affordable handset at the moment, packs quite a punch. Aside from its 4.7-inch 1334-by-750-pixel resolution Retina HD screen and iPhone 8-like chassis, the phone sports Touch ID and Apple’s latest chip, the A13 Bionic, with three gigabytes of RAM.

This means that not only will the new iPhone SE be able to run iOS 18 five years from now, without any hiccups, it also makes possible studio-quality portraits with depth-of-field photography and Portrait Lighting modes despite lacking a TrueDepth sensor on the front or a two-lens setup on the back.