How to use Alexa’s Drop In and other communication features

Alexa Drop In Screen iPhone

No matter how big or small your home is, there’s sure to be a time when you yelled to someone in another room. Whether to tell them dinner is ready or that you need their help with something, we have all been there. But luckily, if you own an Amazon Echo speaker you don’t have to holler anymore!

With Alexa on your device and your Amazon speaker in the other room, you can communicate without shouting. We’ll show you how to use Alexa’s Drop In feature along with additional communication options that can help you finally stop the yelling.

Communicate using Alexa and Amazon Echo

Use Alexa to Drop In

If you want to communicate with one other speaker in your home, you can use the Drop In feature. This is ideal if you want to say something to your husband in his office or your kids in their playroom. Plus, Drop In allows you to have a two-way conversation.

1) Open the Alexa app and tap Communicate at the bottom.

2) Select Drop In from the top.

3) Choose the device you want to Drop In on.

4) After the brief tone, begin speaking.

5) Tap the End button when you finish.

Alexa Drop In iPhone

Use Alexa to Announce

If you need to communicate with everyone in your home, meaning all of the speakers, then you can use the Announce feature. Different than Drop In, think of the Announce feature as a one-way “announcement”.

1) Open the Alexa app and tap Communicate at the bottom.

2) Select Announce from the top.

3) Type your message and hit the Arrow to send OR tap the microphone, record your message, and hit the Arrow to send.

Tip: If you record a voice message, you can tap the small arrow to Preview before sending.

Alexa Announce iPhone

All supported devices will hear a short tone and then your message.

Use Alexa to Call and Message

Two other communication features you can use with Alexa and your Amazon speaker are calls and messages.

You can tap to place a Call or type a Message, select a contact, and your recipient will be notified of this communication on their speaker.

Alexa Call or Message iPhone

If you receive a call or message from someone else, you’ll see the status lights on your Amazon speaker start to move and hear an announcement. You can answer the call after it’s announced or ask Alexa to play your messages to hear the texts.

For supported devices and limitations for the Call and Message features, check out the Amazon Alexa Communications FAQs.

Wrapping it up

If you’re an Alexa and Amazon Echo user, then be sure to check out these handy communication features. If you already use one of these options, let us know your thoughts on how well it works in the comments below or on Twitter.