Nocnoc, Nomi, Hypnopedia and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps of the week

In this week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup, we have an ephemeral group chat platform, a digital pet for your wrist and a self-improvement app that works while you sleep. And as always, we’ve selected two great games for you to check out.


Here’s an interesting app that enables you to invite your friends and family to a chat room instantly, just by sending a link. There’s absolutely no signup required—just send out the link or QR code, and you can get a group chat room up and running in seconds. There’s no direct messaging, and the chat room eventually expires and disappears.

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Meet Nomi, a digital pet for your Apple Watch that you keep alive with your movement and exercise. Features include the ability to feed your Nomi with energy or steps, custom complications, varies difficulty levels, and support for Wheelchair Mode. The goal is to keep your Nomi alive as long as possible and watch it evolve.

Download for $1.99


Looking for new ways to improve yourself? Check out Hypnopedia. It plays affirmations when you sleep in an effort to improve your mental health and stimulate positive life changes. The app is based on 5-7 years of somnology research, and it helps you fall asleep via 3D sound and ASMR, AND it wakes you up at most appropriate time.

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King Rabbit

rich your mind with this all-ages puzzle-sandbox. Push boxes to create bridges, break down walls with bombs, find keys to unlock crates, and navigate to the portal in each level. There are over 90 campaign levels, a level-builder with endless community levels, unlockable new items, and the ability to spectate other players or have them watch you.

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Nature Matters

In Nature Matters, you play a little plant spirit. Without protection, surrounded by a city that grows up from everywhere, you realize that you are completely alone and won’t be able to survive. The only solution is to find someone to take care of you. The game features a stirring story, elegant graphics, atmospheric music and unique puzzles.

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