Tim Cook joins California’s Economic Recovery Task Force

Economies are struggling as the global coronavirus pandemic continues, but some areas are starting to look ahead and find ways to kickstart the economy as soon as possible.

But getting there will take time, and it will take the cooperation of many different individuals, companies, groups, and more. In an effort to make that happen, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has put together a California Economic Recovery Task Force.

CNBC has the report today, saying that the government official has tapped Apple CEO Tim Cook, Disney’s former CEO (but now acting) and current chairman Bob Iger, philanthropist Tom Steyer (who who co-chair the task force), and others to help figure out a plan for what happens next in California. The report indicates that this new task force is meant to help California’s economy “recover as fast as possible”.

However, even with that in mind, the task force already has plans in place to meet twice a month, every month, through the year. So while plans may already be in the works, this is not an easy fix and it will absolutely take time to “fix”. Or even set on the right path.

There are more than 70 members of the new task force. As far as any real details about the conversations this task force might be having, that remains unknown.