Apple teams up with Ontario government and Rogers to furnish iPads to thousands of students for at-home learning

In an effort to help support kids across Ontario forced to do their schooling at home due to the global coronavirus pandemic, Apple, the wireless carrier Rogers, and the Ontario government have teamed up for a solution.

The three groups have partnered up in an effort to address the needs of students in Ontario during the global health crisis. Over the last week, school boards across the Ontario region in Canada have been purchasing and distributing iPads with free LTE network coverage provided by Rogers. The tablets with the network connectivity are being given to students who do not have internet access or technology at home to handle their schoolwork.

This important partnership will enable students to learn while making technology accessible for those that truly need it,” said Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education. “Our government is committed to ensuring equitable access to education, so that every child – irrespective of ability, geography or socio-economic circumstance – can continue their learning while schools are closed.

According to the Ontario government, 21,000 iPads have been distribute to households that need them.

In addition to that, Apple is also doling out resources in both English and French to educators in the region. It’s also providing help to students and parents, all in an effort to support at-home learning needs. Apple’s resources include e-books, videos, and apps. Rogers says the free LTE data available on the iPads will remain accessible until the end of June.

Back in March, Apple launched remote learning videos to support at-home education efforts as well. It’s good to see the company continuing to find new ways to help students, parents, and educators during this time.