Apple launches remote learning videos to support at-home education efforts

Schools and other in-personal educational tools are inaccessible in a variety of countries around the globe in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an effort to help with educational efforts, Apple has launched a new series of videos (via MacRumors) for in-home education. The videos are designed to showcase the built-in features present in Apple devices, the ones that can help with in-home education. The videos are designed for both schools and educators alike. There are two options to choose from right now:


This video will help educators learn how to get up and running for remote learning with iPad. We’ll explore ways to access school resources and find apps that support remote learning. Tips will include using iPad built-in features to scan documents and stay organized, using Markup to annotate teacher materials and student work, getting set up with Voice Memos, and more.



Presenting information in compelling ways is even more important when you’re not able to be face-to-face with your students. In this video we’ll show you how to use iPad built-in features to create demos and instructional videos and share them with your colleagues and students. Using Keynote, or any presentation tool, you’ll learn how to record content and create demos on iPad for use with your students.

There is an additional course listed on the site as coming soon. This one is all about Apple’s Clips app:


Clips is a free app that lets educators and students easily create and share fun and engaging videos. We’ll show you how educators can use Clips to create instructional videos for exploring new skills and ideas — and how students can make videos to share what they’ve learned.

Apple is also promoting virtual conferences led by Apple Professional Learning Specialists for educators. They can check out the full schedule right here. Each virtual conference will last for roughly 30 minutes, and they will provide an “opportunity for educators to engage in dialogue with our teams about the content provided in each video”.

These virtual classes are available now for schools and educators who are adapting to in-house education changes due to the global pandemic.