Tired of Space Gray? Twelve South’s ColorKit is a solid-color wrap for your MacBook Pro

Twelve South today introduced the ColorKit, a solid-color notebook wrap designed specifically for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The accessory makes it possible to change your computer’s default shade to one of the five available colors: Aqua, Coral, Black, Forest Green or Deep Rose.

Twelve South writes:

Use ColorKit to personalize your MacBook, making it stand out from the sea of silver and grey Macs in coffee shops, conference rooms and classrooms. ColorKit includes a solid color wrap for the top, bottom and deck of your MacBook and a matching ombre-pattern keyboard cover.

The ColorKit will gain support for other MacBook sizes in the future.

The instruction manual on Twelve South’s website [PDF document] guides you through applying the wraps over the top, bottom, deck and keyboard of your beloved Apple notebook. For those wondering, the accessory uses a lightweight adhesive that holds the wraps in place.

And don’t you worry a thing, the vinyl panels can be easily peeled off.

To complete your experience, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the ColorKit product page and download a matching desktop background.

Thanks to five color options, you can coordinate ColorKit for MacBook to match or contrast your workspace, backpack or your personality. You may even want to change colors with the seasons.

This solid-color wrap also offers some protection against scratches and dings, as well as against discoloration on the keyboard deck thanks to the included soft silicone keyboard cover which acts as a protective layer. “When you’re ready to trade your MacBook Pro or sell it, peel off ColorKit to reveal a residue-free, like new finish,” Twelve South writes.

Twelve South last week launched Spring colors for its thin SurfacePad leather wrap for the iPhone 11. And earlier in the month, the company debuted another cool accessory, a miniature carrier for the AirPods or AirPods Pro designed for all you fashionistas out there.

The ColorKit is available in five colors: Aqua, Black, Coral, Forest Green and Deep Rose.

You can purchase it from twelvesouth.com at $30 per piece.