Apple shares 30 fun activities for kids to enjoy on iPad or iPhone

With kids at home due to the global coronavirus pandemic, school and studies have changed quite a bit. So Apple’s education team has decided to help out a bit (again).

Late yesterday, Apple’s education team launched 30 different activities for kids to enjoy on the iPad, but that can also be utilized on an iPhone, too. The goal? To support at-home learning that’s going on all across the globe, and to spice things up a bit from the normal routine.

The activities can be downloaded as a PDF if you want, or you can also print it out. They are all designed to take advantage of the built-in features available in iPad and iPhone. That includes activities like “emojify your mood”, or “picture your name”. The activities will also let kids “personify something” by taking a picture of a real world item and then draw on it using Markup to turn it into a character.

One of the activities is “storyboard your daily routine”, which is described as:

Take a photo of something that represents each of your regular activities. Combine the photos and add a title, time, and checkbox for each activity. Mark it up daily!

As I mentioned earlier, there are 30 different activities for kids and adults to enjoy. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, weighed in on the new activities also:

This is just one more tool Apple has launched to help at-home learning essentials. Before the end of March the company launched remote learning videos aimed at supporting education efforts. Those videos were designed for educators and schools, rather than students directly.