Simulation racing game Forza Street is coming to iPhone and iPad on May 5

The premium simulation racing game “Forza Street” is launching on the iPhone and iPad on Tuesday, May 5, according to Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft.

“We’ve received incredible engagement from players during Android pre-registration and are excited to let iOS gamers know they too will hit the streets in just a few weeks,” according to the announcement shared on Microsoft’s official Xbox blog.

The mobile edition of the game will let players build their career in a story-driven mode or compete in quick races that last just a minute. The mobile game is likely to be a free-to-download affair, but expect to pay for various upgrades via in-app purchases.

For a limited time, Microsoft will be giving out the Founder’s Pack to anyone who plays Forza Street between May 5 and June 5 as a welcoming gift.

The pack includes the rare 2017 Ford GT, some in-game credits and gold. “In a game where collecting and upgrading cars will lead to domination on the streets, you don’t want to miss out on this chance to unlock this rare supercar,” Microsoft teased.

And thanks to the Xbox Live Sign-in system, players can start building their collection right now on Windows 10 and continue their save progress on an iPhone or iPad.

Are you looking forward to playing this on your iPhone? I’m keeping my fingers cross for a tvOS version because such a fast-paced racing title deserves to be played on a big screen TV.

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