New entry-level iPhone SE may launch on April 3

A new report says that we should expect to see Apple’s upcoming and oft-rumored entry-level iPhone in the very near future.

According to a new report on Thursday fromĀ 9to5Mac based on information provided to the publication from a “highly trusted reader”, Apple is going to launch its next entry-level, low-cost iPhone very soon. Based on the information provided, orders could start on Friday, April 3 (which lines up with at least one previous report). However, nothing is set in stone just yet, so that date could change. But Apple is reportedly set to launch the phone very soon.

So what will it be called? Well, up to this point we’ve heard that it will be called the “iPhone SE 2” or the “iPhone 9“, both of which seemed reasonable enough. However, this report says that Apple will go another, albeit familiar route. It will simply be called the “iPhone SE“, and Apple will differentiate it by calling it the 2020 version.

The report also goes into some detail regarding specifications and color. Based on the information provided by the source, the 2020 iPhone SE will be available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage sizes. As far as colors are concerned, the new iPhone SE will be available in white, black, and PRODUCT(RED).

And if you’re interested in a case, Apple will launch a variety of options right out of the gate: black silicone, white silicone, black leather, red leather, and midnight blue leather.

This report does not actually nail down pricing, but echoes previous reports that Apple will price the new low-cost iPhone SE starting at $399, presumably for the 64GB model if that is indeed what the built-in storage options start at.

Before it wraps up, the report echoes the fact that AppleĀ could unveil the new low-cost iPhone SE as early as April 3, but that plan could change. Still, if you have been waiting for the new low-cost option, it sounds like the wait is almost over.

Based on what we’ve heard in the past, the new low-cost iPhone SE will feature a 4.7-inch LCD display, and it will have a design based on the iPhone 8, including a physical Touch ID button below the display. The handset is also expected to feature an A13 processor under the hood, and a single camera on the back.

If Apple does launch a new iPhone SE, will you be picking it up?