The supermarket chain Publix is rolling out Apple Pay support at checkout

If you happen to be in the southeastern area of the United States and frequent the supermarket chain Publix, today may bring some good news.

Appleosophy was the first to report on Tuesday that Publix has confirmed it is bringing support for Apple Pay at checkout, which the company shared with employees in a bulletin that was published on Reddit recently. The announcement says that contactless payments are coming to the checkout areas at Publix supermarkets, which includes Google‘s option, Google Pay.

Where accepted, the payment terminals will show the familiar contactless payment symbol. So if you visit the supermarket chain and see this logo while checking out, you should be able to use Apple Pay to buy your goods. Unfortunately the bulletin and subsequent report don’t indicate just how many of Publix’s 1,200 supermarkets will get contactless payment support. So it’s possible that some stores might not have it.

Of course, with over 1,000 stores a rollout of any kind will probably take some time.

The rollout is beginning now, so if you have a Publix near you, keep an eye out for Apple Pay support.