Apple letting hourly and retail employees take unlimited sick leave for coronavirus symptoms

Apple continues to make changes to reflect the global outbreak of the coronavirus and COVID-19-, the disease it causes.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is currently giving hourly and retail store employees unlimited sick leave if they have symptoms directly related to the coronavirus, or coronavirus-like symptoms. The report indicates that retail and hourly employees will not need to show a doctor’s note to be granted the sick leave.

Apple retail workers are not required to submit a doctor’s note for this time off. This means that if they’re experiencing the COVID-19 symptoms, they can take the time that they need without having to worry about running out of sick days or providing a note to management.

Apple continues to make changes in response to the coronavirus. For instance, we reported today that Apple has canceled Today at Apple sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Seattle, Washington area. And the company is making changes to day-to-day routines, including limiting Genius Bar appointments, making sure customers have more room to move around without close proximity to others, and implementing more thorough cleaning procedures.

Leading into the weekend it was reported that Apple was also encouraging employees at Apple Park to work from home if they are able.

The global outbreak of the coronavirus means businesses have to make decisions such as this. This could all be the tip of the iceberg in the United States. We could see store closures in the near future as well.