Apple may launch new iMac and Mac mini models soon; ‘new camera’ coming to iPad

If you are in the market for a new iMac, or even a new Mac mini, then you may want to hold off on a purchase for a little while.

Twitter user CoinX, who has reliably leaked Apple details in the past, has taken to the social networking platform to post a very straightforward tweet today. In it, the leaker suggests that Apple is going to launch a new iMac and Mac mini “soon”. And that’s it. There’s no other information provided in the tweet at all.

But here’s the tweet anyway:

There isn’t much to go on here, that is true. However, it’s the track record put down by CoinX up to this point that makes this at least believable. The leaker confirmed the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR names before Apple got around to making them official, for instance. And the leaker also confirmed details of the 10.5-inch iPad Air and the 10.2-inch iPad as well.

Of course, Apple’s plans, whatever they might be, could change at any point between now and whenever the company is actually planning to launch new hardware, so nothing is set in stone right now.

The iMac Pro could certainly use a refresh, though. Apple hasn’t updated the high-end desktop computer since 2017. It’s worth pointing out that we did just report earlier this week that Apple is planning to launch a new iMac Pro Model, one with a 27-inch screen, with mini-LED display technology in the first half of 2020.

The regular iMac lineup did receive a bit of a boost in March of last year, though, when Apple introduced new models with 8th- and 9th-generation Intel processors under the hood.

The Mac mini, meanwhile, was last updated in October of 2018, so it could use some new hardware.

But wait, there’s more! CoinX also added in a separate tweet that Apple is going to add a “new camera on iPad”. The reading of the tea leaves at this point suggests this could pan out, and we could see the company introduce a new camera system to the iPad lineup sometime in the near future.

While CoinX doesn’t specifically name drop the iPad Pro, it’s been rumored in the past that Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro refresh could include a triple camera setup similar to what the iPhone 11 Pro features. And, sure enough, there have been plenty of rumors that Apple is going to add a new iPad Pro model in the early stages of 2020.

Here’s the tweet:


So, could we see new iMac and Mac mini hardware introduced in the near future? Will Apple introduce the triple camera system in the iPad Pro lineup? Anything is possible, right?