2019 iPad Pro ‘has the possibility’ of featuring three rear cameras

The iPhone 11 lineup is said to feature some models that have three cameras on the back, more than likely the two more expensive options. A new report suggests the iPad Pro lineup could be seeing a similar upgrade this year.

The camera on the iPhone has always been one of the most important elements of the smartphone. While on the iPad lineup it’s always felt more like a formality than anything else. But Apple could be putting more attention on the tablet’s camera this year.

Macotakara has the report this week, based on information gathered from an unnamed Chinese supplier. According to that source, the 2019 iPad Pro has “the possibility to be released with a triple lens” camera on the back.

For those keeping track of this sort of thing, this is the first time we’ve heard a rumor like this. And it feels pretty late in the game for a design change of this magnitude to just now be finding its way to the surface. We’ve been hearing about a triple camera-equipped 2019 iPhone for months now.

The oft-rumored 10.2-inch iPad is also included in this report, suggesting that model could be equipped with a dual camera setup on the back. This all echoes the reports we’ve been hearing about the 2019 iPhone lineup for quite some time, where the iPhone XR followup features a pair of cameras on the back, while the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max successor boast three rear cameras.

If Apple is planning on throwing in more cameras for its iPad Pro, and even iPad, lineup, it would certainly be an interesting change of pace. Of course, if that does happen it means we’ll start seeing even more people using their tablets to take photographs, and your mileage with that particular situation may vary.

Would you buy a new iPad Pro specifically for the three rear cameras on the back? Or does that just feel like too much?