10.2-inch iPad again rumored to launch this fall

Apple has been rumored to be working on a 10.2-inch iPad for months now. And once again we hear it could finally launch this fall.

According to a new report fromĀ DigiTimes this week, Apple is planning on launching the oft-rumored 10.2-inch iPad this fall. If this is indeed the case, then Apple will effectively be replacing the 9.7-inch iPad it launched a couple of years ago with this newer model.

The report states that the new 10.2-inch iPad will launch sometime in “late third quarter”, but no specific date was revealed. However, to meet that supposed deadline then Apple would need to launch the new tablets before the end of September.

That may mean we see the new iPad unveiled on stage along with the new iPhone lineup.

The launch window is the only thing about the rumored 10.2-inch iPad that still seems to be an unknown quantity at this point. A September launch wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary for Apple, but the company does typically like to wait until October to launch most of its tablet lineup.

The 10.2-inch iPad itself, though, seems to be a foregone conclusion at this point. The tablet has been rumored frequently enough. That includes several different iPad models running iPadOS that have been filed with the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Will we see a new 10.2-inch iPad unveiled in September? Maybe! But it’s also possible Apple releases the product later, sometime in October. It all comes down to whether or not the company feels like the changes made in the new tablet are worth putting it on stage or not.

Either way, it sounds like the new model will arrive this year. Depending on features and price, do you think you’ll consider a 10.2-inch iPad?