Tim Cook to make education initiative announcement in Birmingham, AL tomorrow

Tim Cook is known for jet-setting across the globe to make appearances and take part in meetings or other gatherings, but a random announcement isn’t really par for the course.

But it sounds like Cook, the current CEO of Apple, will be making an exception this week. According to local media in Birmingham, Alabama, Cook is slated to appear alongside TechAlabama and Birmingham’s Mayor, Randall Woodfin to announce something related to a “Birmingham education initiative”.

Unfortunately, details are sparse in the original report. The news outlet does note that the press conference will be closed to the public, though. However, it won’t be long after the event wraps up that all the gritty details are revealed.

9to5Mac has a theory on the matter, though. The publication believes Cook will be announcing that Birmingham public schools will be adopting Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum moving forward. And, indeed, the present of TechAlabama during the press conference seems to support that line of thinking.

TechAlabama is known for raising awareness for STEM-based careers, and also the education to learn the skills to pursue those careers. And Mayor Woodfin has been keen to move in this direction in the past as well. The Mayor visited Chicago back in 2018 to potentially ink a deal with Apple over adopting the curriculum, as reported by Birmingham Real-Time News at the time.

The details are light, but we don’t have long to wait before they’re revealed. The running theory at the moment certainly makes sense. And, if it does pan out that way, it would be a big win for Apple’s educational efforts.