iOS 13.4 brings granular settings for controlling downloads and streaming in the TV app

Second betas of the upcoming iPadOS and iOS 13.4 software updates include new options in Settings for Apple’s pre-installed TV app that make it possible to adjust how content downloading and streaming is handled over both Wi-Fi and cellular connections.

As noted by MacRumors, beta 2 of iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 that released earlier this week brought several previously unavailable options for the TV app downloads and streaming.

Like before, you can still stream content in the TV app and download shows for offline viewing through your iPhone’s cellular data connection, in addition to Wi-Fi. And just like before, cellular downloads and streaming are turned off to save people on metered plans from bill shock.

However, now you can adjust streaming and downloading quality separately for Wi-Fi and cellular via options underneath two new headings  — Streaming and Download Options:

  • Cellular: Adjust the size of the video you download over cellular
    • High Quality: Better streaming quality, higher cellular data consumption
    • Data Saver: Limit cellular streaming quality to 600 megabytes per hour
  • Wi-Fi: Adjust the size of the video you download over Wi-Fi
    • High Quality: Slower downloads that use more storage, better video quality
    • Faster downloads: Faster downloads that use less storage, lower video quality

With Wi-Fi streaming or downloading, the TV app uses a video’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) version (if available). Streaming or downloading over cellular doesn’t support HDR. “High Dynamic Range videos will take full advantage of your device’s screen, but will not play via the Digital AV Adapter,” notes the feature’s description.

You also get a new Audio Languages toggle for adding or removing your preferred audio languages when downloading shows to the device for offline viewing.

To see these new settings, venture into the Settings → TV section on your iPhone or iPod touch with the iOS 13.4 software installed or an iPad with iPadOS 13.4.

The biggest takeaway is that iOS 13.4 brings more granular settings to the TV app which allow people who are on a metered plan to restrict cellular downloads or adjust the quality of cellular streaming so that they don’t burn through their entire monthly data allowance after watching a few shows.

MacRumors adds:

Below these new settings, the standard Siri & Search and Notifications options are available, along with toggles for Show Sports Scores, Use Play History and Video Definition, all of which existed before.

How do you like these new quality settings for the TV app?

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