How to customize the Spark email action toolbar on iPhone and iPad

Spark Personalize Toolbar iPhone Table

For Spark email users, the update we covered bringing features like dark mode, avatars, and productivity tools to iPad was great news. And another terrific feature with that update came the ability to customize the email actions toolbar on iOS.

You’ve seen that toolbar at the bottom of an email and used it plenty of times. But modifying it with the actions you need most is another super reason to use Spark. To help you out, here’s a short tutorial on how to customize that Spark email action toolbar.

Customize the email action toolbar in Spark on iOS

It takes only a minute to customize the action toolbar in Spark and you have some flexible options. So, open Spark on your iPhone or iPad and follow these steps.

1) Tap the menu button at the top and tap Settings at the bottom.

2) Under General, select Email Viewer.

3) Tap Personalize toolbar.

4) You’ll see the actions currently in your toolbar at the top and those you can add at the bottom. You can have up to six actions and there are 14 total to pick from.

5) Tap a plus sign next to an action to add it to the top and a minus sign to remove one from the top.

Rearrange the order of the actions by tapping, dragging, and releasing within the list. Keep in mind that you can also select an action one-off from the toolbar, which we’ll discuss next. So if you want to also rearrange the actions that aren’t in your top six, this might help you later.

Spark Personalize Toolbar iPhone

6) When you finish making your toolbar changes, tap the arrow to go back and exit out of the Settings.

Pick an action not in the toolbar

As mentioned above, you can pick actions one-off that aren’t in your top six and here’s how.

1) With an email open that you are reading, replying to, or forwarding, you’ll see the toolbar at the bottom. Tap the More button on the right.

2) You will then see additional actions that you can pick from along with an Edit Toolbar option that will take you to the Personalize toolbar settings described above.

3) Just tap to select an action.

Spark Pick Action iPhone

Wrapping it up

Spark is one of those email apps that you can count on for continuous enhancements. And this is just another one that can make getting to inbox zero and little easier.

What’s your favorite feature of Spark? Is it one that’s been around for a while or something new? Let us know!