You can now add the auto-refreshing Replay 2020 playlist to your ‌Apple Music‌ library

Last November, Apple Music launched special Replay playlists built around users’ personal favorites, with playlists designated for each year of membership. Today, the company launched the Replay 2020 playlist that will be updated on a weekly basis until the year is over.

As first noted by MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci, you can add the Replay 2020 playlist to your library by logging in to, then scroll to the bottom and click the option Add to bring this playlist to your Apple Music library (this process cannot be carried out in the Music app). Don’t see your playlist? Check back in a few days or weeks.

If you’re using iCloud Music Library to keep your Apple Music content in sync across devices, the playlist will appear within the Library section of the Music app no matter the device.

The basic premise here is that the more you listen to stuff on Apple Music, the better its algorithm can surface your most played songs to the top of the playlist. In other words, if you’d like to get a specific artist or song or album on that favorites, be sure you’re listening to that content on a regular basis before 2002 wraps up.

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By year’s end, your Replay 2020 playlist may have up to a hundred songs.

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Apple Music Replay is a great way to relive the music that defined your year. “Get insights in to your most played artists and albums,” the tech giant says. “And get a playlist with your top songs of the year — and one for every year that you’re subscribed to Apple Music.”

The Replay 2020 playlist will automatically update every week until December 31, 2020.