Apple Music Replay showcases favorite songs, artists, and albums of the year

Apple Music has been around for quite some time already, but it’s now only starting to feel like a personal service for each individual user.

That comes down in part to a more personal listening experience in the For You section to start. And now it’s getting more tool to help with that — more playlists. This one is all about your personal favorites, from songs, to artists, to whole albums, and not just from the last 12 months, either. Apple Music Replay (via Engadget) will show you your favorites for every year you’ve been a subscriber.

You can try it out yourself right here.

There will be yearly playlists within Replay that will be designated for each year. The playlists will tell you which song, artist, and album you listened to the most and let you tap back into that experience pretty easily. The playlists are also shareable.

Interestingly, the current year’s playlist will be updated on a weekly basis until the year is over. So it sounds like if you want to get one artist, or song, or album on that favorites list you’ll want to make sure you’re listening to that content on a regular basis before 2019 wraps up.

This is a nice touch, especially considering the current-year playlist will be updated on a weekly basis. Is it enough to keep subscribers who might be on the fence to stick around? Maybe!

What do you think? When you try out Replay, let us know how well Apple Music puts together your favorites from the years prior.