The popular Reddit client Apollo picks up a ton of new features in a massive update

The award-winning Reddit app Apollo was updated on App Store today with a ton of user-requested enhancements and feature additions, bringing the software to new heights. By the way, Apollo was announced publicly almost exactly five years to the date at the end of January.

Christian Selig, who wrote Apollo, says the sheer number of enhancements made him contemplate calling this the Apollo 2.0 update, but he eventually decided bumping version number up to 1.7 was enough despite the update bringing “a ton of awesome stuff”.

He said on Reddit:

Things like being able to search through comments just like how you would with command/control-F on desktop Reddit or being able to search through all your saved items (which you can’t even do on desktop Reddit) are so unbelievably nice to have. I don’t think any other mobile Reddit client has these on any platform. And these are only two of a handful of awesome features.

One of the much-requested new features is community icon packs. Christian has worked with some amazing designers in the community to make these icon packs available to everyone, with more icons from the community to be added in the future.

You’ll love the new January Ultra icon by Alexa Grafera depicting Apollo as a birthday cake.

The gorgeously designed Reddit client was built for power and speed, with the most recent updated including the following new capabilities, enhancements and fixes:

  • Searching in comments: With the Ctrl/Command-F keystone, you can now search through a comments thread for keywords and jump directly to them, just like on desktop Reddit. It’s so handy for seeing if something specific was mentioned, or finding a user or a mirror for a video. So. Handy.
  • Ultra icon: A new Ultra icon by the incredibly talented Alexa Grafera depicts good ol’ Apollo as a tasty birthday cake.
  • Community icon pack: The Apollo community/subreddit has a ton of talented people in it and from time to time a really cool icon gets submitted to the subreddit that people really want to see added to the app. So I talked to the creators of some of the most popular icons and purchased the icons from them to include in a new Community Icon Pack section.
  • GIF sounds: A new phenomenon on Reddit as of late has been GIFs that have audio. Is that basically a video? Totally, but it’s great in a pinch on Imgur and Gfycat to give a little more life to a GIF of a kitty yawning. (Don’t worry the audio won’t play without you tapping on it directly.
  • Enhanced filtering: A few parts to this. Now you can filter well beyond the normal Reddit limitation of 100 subreddits in r/All and r/Popular. Also it’s a lot easier to add filters now, you can filter subreddits directly from the post/subreddit and you can block users directly from their profile.
  • Uploading/saving improvements: You can now choose which photo album to select from when uploading. Also, you can now save photos to an “Apollo” folder option.
  • Upload via paste: When creating comments or messages if you have an image (or set of images) on your clipboard, you can now paste them directly into the text field and it’ll offer to upload them for you.
  • Live comments sort: No more needing to manually refresh live TV episode threads or sports threads.
  • View parent comments: If you go directly to a specific comment and it’s deep into a discussion, now you can load the upper comments directly inline.
  • Compact thumbnail size: Now you can choose between three different thumbnail sizes for Compact Mode: small (default), medium or large.
  • Subreddit icon options: You now have the option to show subreddit icons by posts and by the subreddit in the subreddits list.
  • Search saved items: The saved section is a treasure trove for your favorite posts and now you can find them so much easier with a quick and very fast search bar.
  • Easier multireddit adding: You can now now add a subreddit to a multireddit directly from the subreddit.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Mute/unmute comment threads
    • Mark text as a spoiler in a comment/message.
    • Option to disable Auto-Hide Read Posts in specific subreddits.
    • When you go to the About screen, it’ll now show your current icon rather than just the default one.
    • Imgur uploads are now catalogued so you can go back and see them later or even delete them if you want.
    • If a moderator removes an entire comment thread Apollo now auto-collapses it so you don’t have to scroll past a wasteland.
    • A ton of other small additions and tweaks to make things more pleasant.
    • Lots of little bug fixes.

Christian has “some juicy stuff planned” for 1.8 already, noting in the update’s changelog that 2020 is going to be “a crazy year for Apollo” with many “awesome things planned”.

For further information, visit the official Apollo website.

Apollo for Reddit is a free download from App Store with in-app purchases available to unlock all of the app’s advanced features and capabilities.

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