Tim Cook won’t give anything away about Apple’s 5G iPhone plans just yet


During the conference call following Apple’s latest quarterly earnings report, of course the company’s CEO was asked about 5G. And of course he didn’t give anything away.

Tim Cook isn’t ready to talk about 5G in any meaningful capacity. At least, not on a conference call following the company’s latest quarterly earnings report, and not when someone’s trying to find out what Apple’s going to do in the next few months with its unannounced products. Cook did make some comments, generally speaking, saying things like, “5G is in the early innings of its deployment on a global basis”.

Which is true! But it’s not necessarily all that enlightening when it comes to potential Apple-branded 5G products coming down the pipe.

Cook would go on to say that he wouldn’t trade the company’s position “with anybody”, and that he’s proud of what is coming down the line. But he wasn’t going to give any details away, even as it relates to wireless technologies. When Cook was asked about potential demand for 5G iPhones, as well as demand for low-cost iPhones, Cook was once again non-committal on the details.

He specifically said at one point that he won’t comment on the price point of devices the company hasn’t announced yet. Which certainly makes sense, even if it’s not what we all want to hear right now.

Still, rumor has it that Apple is going to launch 5G iPhones later this year. In fact, we have Qualcomm’s CEO saying as much, even if Apple’s own counterpart won’t go that far quite yet.

Are you hoping we see 5G iPhones this year?