Apple Arcade gains Butter Royale, a multiplayer battle royale game about food battles

Apple Arcade today picked up another new arrival, a multiplayer battle royale game with a twist that challenges you be the last one standing on Butter Island!

Butter Royale is “a buttery food fight, battle royale style,” according to developer Mighty Bear Games Pte. Ltd. We’ve seen and played so many battle royale games before that it’s legitimate to ask what’s so special about Butter Royale. Well, as some readers may have guessed from its name, this particular multiplayer battle royale title is all about food battles!

You’ll engage in mouth-watering culinary combat using sauce-shooting, baguette-blasting modified kitchen tools. Most importantly, the game is fast-paced as battles last under five minutes. And as already mentioned, you’ll be fighting against up to 31 other players.

Watch the official trailer for Butter Royale that I’ve embedded below.

Check out the key features of this game:

  • 32-player food fight shooter: Play as any of 50 characters from all walks of life. Knock out other contestants with delicious food. Be the last one standing in this third-person shooter.
  • Squad up: Indulge in multiplayer Culinary Combat with your friends, in teams of four.
  • Solo survival game: Survive this battle royale game solo for ultimate bragging rights.
  • Fire food blasters: Pick up epic food blasters like the Breadzooka from all over Butter Island, and fire away.
  • Unlock exclusive content: Stay fresh with exclusive seasonal characters, melee food items, trails and flags.
  • 1 Butter Island, 9 zones: Explore a sprawling map, from the rolling Flour Fields to San Francheesco. Choose your starting point wisely!
  • Be first to the fridge: Collect the delivery and get special ultra rare loot.
  • Steer clear of Butter: Watch out for hot Butter and get yourself to safe zones.

Like all titles included in your Apple Arcade subscription, Butter Royale is exclusive to Apple Arcade, doesn’t require an Internet connection to play, has no ads, in-app purchases or tracking and is available across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Visit the official website for more information on Butter Royale.

You can also read about Butter Royale on App Store.