How to always allow downloads in Safari on Mac

Safari Always Allow Downloads

If you download a lot of items from the web using Safari on your Mac, then you might get tired of the pop-up asking if it’s okay every time. This is especially aggravating if you download from the same sites often and trust them.

For situations like this where you have no worries of downloading something dangerous, you can eliminate that pop-up message asking your permission. This tutorial shows you how to always allow downloads in Safari on your Mac.

Always allow downloads from certain sites

Allowing downloads from sites you visit regularly can save you a few seconds from having to click to give your permission. This is helpful for websites that you trust.

1) Open Safari on your Mac and click Safari > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Select the Websites tab from the top.

3) On the left, choose Downloads.

To the right, you’ll see Currently Open Websites at the top and then a list of Configured Websites. Each site has a drop-down box where you can pick Ask, Deny, or Allow.

For the sites you want to always allow downloads from, choose Allow.

Safari Downloads Allow Deny Ask

Always allow downloads from all sites

While this isn’t an option most people would choose because you never know what a downloaded file can contain, we’ll still show you how to allow downloads from all websites.

Follow the same steps as above to open Websites > Downloads in the Safari Preferences.

At the bottom next to When visiting other websites, pick Allow in the drop-down box.

Safari Downloads Allow All Sites

This means that if a website isn’t in the list above it, downloads will always be allowed and you won’t have to give permission in the pop-up.

Wrapping it up

You need to be careful downloading anything from any website. So just make sure that saving those few seconds of clicking to give permission are worth it before you allow all downloads.

Do you have any tips like this for Safari that you’d like to share with our readers? If so, feel free to comment below!