‘Kings of the Castle’ is the latest addition to Apple Arcade

Keeping up with the tradition it started in late 2019, Apple has once again added yet another title to its video game subscription service, Apple Arcade.

What started as a deluge has turned into a drip, as this is yet another week where we see only one new game added to the service. This time around it’s a family title called Kings of the Castle. It’s developed by studio Frosty Pop, and it supports multiplayer with up to four players. It’s for players age 4 and older, and it supports an external game controller as well.

Here’s how Frosty Pop describes the game:

The dragon Zantorian locked Prince Rupert away in a castle tower on a dangerous and mysterious island. Lord Baldor dispatches the princess to investigate the hostile and unfamiliar territory and save the prince.

Playing as the princess, you must use your speed, courage, and savvy sense of direction to save the prince. Avoid traps, battle enemies, jump over obstacles, and collect gems along your journey to pay a ransom for the prince’s safe return. But do it fast. The dragon is hungry!

This is a speed run title, so you’ll be starting at one point and trying to get through each level as quickly as possible and collecting as many of the in-game collectibles as you can before the end. You can play it by yourself if you want, but, as mentioned above, you can also include your friends and family, too.

The developer recently updated the title to include two brand new levels, too.

Kings of the Castle is available to download and play now.

Are you still subscribed to Apple Arcade?