‘No Way Home’ brings a space survival soiree to Apple Arcade

Apple has leaned into the weekly refresh of Apple Arcade, so it’s no surprise that today sees yet another addition.

On Friday, Apple added a new role playing game to Apple Arcade. This one’s called No Way Home, and it was developed by SMG Studio. It supports a single-player experience, and the Apple Arcade landing page says it’s for ages nine and up. The game’s artwork and direction is led by Scott Vanden Bosch, and the story was developed by Mike Rosenthal.

No Way Home features a story mode spanning a giant universe, and there are new daily challenges to conquer on a regular basis. The game boasts eye-catching hand-drawn artwork, and there are over 50 weapons to discover, craft, and upgrade while playing. There are 50 enemies to take down.

One of the more exciting elements of No Way Home is its procedurally generated universe, which means no play through should be the same. There are boss battles to spice things up along the way, and an “immersive mission system” as well. It also offers full controller support, as well as touchscreen controls.

No Way Home is available now if you have an Apple Arcade subscription, which goes for $4.99 per month.