Apple launches ‘Back to University’ promo with free Beats headphones in select markets

As is par for the course, it’s that time of year again: Apple has launched its “Back to University” promotion for students and educators in select countries.

Apple today launched its back-to-school promotion in Brazil, South Korea, New Zealand, and in Australia. As is typical for the company those who qualify for the program will need to buy either a Mac or an iPad to get the bonus, which, this year, is a pair of free Beats headphones.

Eligible Macs include the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, the iMac, or the iMac Pro. Once purchased, the student and/or educator will get a pair of Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones.

Meanwhile, if a student buys an iPad Pro or an iPad Air, they’ll get the Solo3 Wireless Headphones for free, or can choose the BeatsX Earphones instead. Or if a student wants to fork over some extra money they can get the Studio3 Wireless Headphones instead.

The company is offering a bit of a discount on the Macs and iPads as well, as part of its educational discount. Students and educators will have the free headphones as an option during the checkout process.

The promotion is available for students, of course, but also the parents of students who are buying their child a product. Teachers and staff are also eligible for the promotion. The promo is available both online and in Apple’s retail stores in the aforementioned regions.

The promotion ends on March 16, 2020.