Nighthawk for iPhone makes managing your Twitter timeline easier

There’s a new Twitter client in town, Nighthawk from Nathan Lawrence and Sam Gold.

Built from the ground up “for speed, accessibility and authenticity,” Nighthawk is an all-new kind of Twitter app featuring an ad-free experience and designed to pick up where Twitter’s own official iOS app has let you down. The software basically promises to take the pain out of managing your Twitter timelines, plus it supports many iOS platform technologies.

At Team Nighthawk, we’re deeply committed to iOS and the Apple ecosystem, so Nighthawk is designed to take advantage of tons of iOS-only features and experiences. We’ve got rich link previews, haptics, custom home screen icons, the whole nine. And since Nighthawk is paid upfront, we provide all these features without showing you ads or selling your personal information.

Developer say the app delivers smooth performance “on all devices”.

Nighthawk for iOS displays your tweets in the timeline chronologically, like many other third-party clients for Twitter. According to the developers, your Twitter timeline should really reflect what you truly care about, “not the opaque agenda of a black-box algorithm.”

That’s why you can easily mute any topic with a handy Smart Filters feature. Moreover, Nighthawk makes it easy to focus on tweets from the people you care about the most thanks to a Close Friends feature that’s not too dissimilar from Instagram’s Close Friends.

“When you view your Close Friends timeline, all other accounts will be hidden, allowing your friends and their dumb opinions to rise to the top,” said the developers.

Watch the app in action in the promo video embedded below.

But wait, there’s more.

The app provides human-curated filters for those interested in specific topics such as US politics, movies such as Star Wars and so forth. Applying those filters is a great way to disregard anything that doesn’t interest you or simply hide tweets with potential spoilers.

The app offers tons of customization options as well.

As an example, you get more than a dozen distinctively designed app icons for your Home screen. The settings interface lets you adjust typeface, choose between the system appearance, always dark or always light mode and so forth.

You can discover more about Nighthawk at the official website.

Nighthawk for iPhone is available on App Store for $4 a pop.