How to activate and use Hot Corners on the iPad [video]

iPad Hot CornersiPadOS 13.3 adds Hot Corners, a new feature that works with a Bluetooth mouse. You can set up the corners of your iPad screen to automate actions just like you can on the Mac. Learn how it works in this short video.

After a beta program that began earlier this fall, Apple released iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 this past week. The new software sports some notable changes.

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TUTORIAL: How to use a mouse or trackpad on your iPad

iPadOS 13 introduced mouse support, enabling you to connect a Bluetooth-equipped mouse to your iPad and use it just as you would on the Mac. Now, with iOS 13.3, you can set Hot Corners on your iPad screen much in the same way as you can on the Mac. Our video editor Harris Craycraft explains how the feature works and what you can do with it in this short video.

Other new features include the ability to remove Apple’s Memoji characters from your emoji keyboard, and new Screen Time Communication Limits to help parents manage their children’s device use

Have you upgraded to iOS 13.3? Do you use a Bluetooth mouse with your iPad? Let us know in the comments.