How to use animated travel map backgrounds in iMovie

Animated map background iMovie Mac

One cool movie idea that you can create in iMovie is for your travels. You can include photos or videos from a vacation, honeymoon, or road trip adventure. And to go along with this nifty project, iMovie offers animated map backgrounds.

With these backgrounds, you can show the moving route for your trip on a map in your movie. This can add something a little extra to your already memorable trip and movie.

Here’s how to add and adjust the animated travel map backgrounds in iMovie on Mac.

Add your animated map background

Pop open iMovie on your Mac to your project for editing or create a new project if you prefer. Then follow these steps to add your animated map background.

1) In the Browser at the top, click Backgrounds.

2) At the top, you’ll see a collection of globes and maps. You can move your cursor over each one from left to right to see a preview of it in the Viewer.

3) Double-click the map background you want to use or drag and drop it into your movie Timeline.

Add animated map background iMovie Mac

Adjust your map background

A great feature of these animated map backgrounds is that you can show a route. So, if you traveled from Chicago, IL to Miami, FL, or even around the world, you can show this on the map.

1) Double-click the map background clip in your movie Timeline.

2) You’ll then see the map controls above the Viewer.

3) Click the first drop-down box next to Route and enter your starting location in the search box at the top.

4) When you see the location you want, select it. Optionally, you can change the display name for the location. Click Done.

Route animated map background iMovie Mac

5) Click the second drop-down box for Route, pick your ending location, optionally change the display name, and click Done.

Now, play your movie and you’ll see the animated map background show your route. Neat, huh?

Additional options

You can reverse the route by clicking the Swap button which is between the two location drop-down boxes next to Route.

You can also change the style of the map by picking a different option in the Style drop-down box.

And you’ll notice in the Style drop-down that you can check or uncheck to Show Route and Cities or Zoom In.

Style animated map background iMovie Mac

Wrapping it up

The animated map backgrounds in iMovie let you add something unique to your already awesome photos and videos. Plus, you can add more than one map in various spots throughout your movie to show different routes you took during your trip.

Are you going to give these animated map backgrounds a try in your next movie? Let us know!

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