16-inch MacBook Pro may be announced this week

Apple has been rumored to be working on a slightly redesigned 16-inch MacBook Pro for quite some time now. And we may actually be getting near a launch of the fabled device.

9to5Mac says that the new 16-inch MacBook Pro may be getting an announcement as early as this week, as Apple has reportedly been hosting private, closed-door meetings in a dedicated location in New York City to unveil the device to the media. If this sounds at all familiar it’s because it’s a similar route Apple took with the AirPods Pro. We heard about those private meetings and then, soon after, the newest truly wireless headphones were officially official.

The original report goes back over what’s already happened, including the fact that the new MacBook Pro was not unveiled at Apple’s September event and the company didn’t host a major hardware event in October. So it’s certainly possible that Apple is planning on quietly launching the new MacBook Pro as soon as this week, deciding that a major event wasn’t necessary.

Which is admittedly strange, considering this new MacBook Pro is said to feature not only slightly smaller bezels, but also a redesigned keyboard. Apple switched to a butterfly switch keyboard years ago, and while the company has made changes over the years, it’s still seen as a wholly unreliable keyboard.

This new 16-inch MacBook is said to switch back to a more standard scissor switch design, dropping the butterfly design altogether. If that is indeed the case it probably deserves more attention than just a press release. At least from a consumer’s perspective.

From Apple’s, though, a press release to note the change makes sense. After all, Apple wouldn’t want to draw too much attention to the mistakes it has made up to the point where the new keyboard design is introduced.

Either way, we may be on the cusp of a brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro with a slightly smaller bezel around the display and a redesigned keyboard. If that is indeed the case, and depending on the price, do you think you’ll be in the market for a new laptop soon?

And let us not forget that Apple has other products it needs to launch before the holiday (shopping) season kicks into gear. Not that its other two devices are really meant for the general public. The company still has the Pro Display XDR and the brand new, redesigned Mac Pro on the cusp of a launch. It’s possible this week is a busy one with new hardware.