How to continue watching shows from one device to another with Apple TV+

Apple TV+ Resume Watching Mac

Remember the days when you would start watching a show or movie on TV and were stuck in that room for the duration? Nowadays, this is an unlikely scenario if you’re using a streaming service like Apple TV+.

Say you’re watching an Apple original like The Elephant Queen or The Morning Show on Apple TV in your living room. You decide to head out to your patio for fresh air and continue watching that show on your iPad. Then it’s bedtime, so you finish watching that same show on your iPhone in bed.

This is more likely scenario now and super easy to do when you’re enjoying shows with your Apple TV+ subscription. Here’s how to continue watching shows from one device to another with Apple TV+.

Pause and resume your Apple TV+ show

No matter where you’re watching your Apple TV+ show, you can pause it. Whether you’re on your Mac, iOS device, or Apple TV, you can always pause a show. Tap or click to open the action buttons at the bottom and go ahead and hit the Pause button. Then you can close the window, close the app, even turn off your device if you like.

Open the TV app on another device, select the show you were streaming on the previous device on the Watch Now tab, and continue enjoying it from the exact spot where you paused it. It’s that simple.

If you look at the show on iPhone or iPad, you’ll see Continue beneath it.

Apple TV+ Continue Watching

And on Mac or Apple TV, you’ll see a Resume button when you select the show.

Apple TV+ Resume Watching

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Wrapping it up

There’s nothing better when streaming a show than to have the option to pause it and resume it somewhere else. On another device, in a different room, wherever you want to go, Apple TV+ and its shows can go along with you!

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