Apple Arcade adds Takeshi & Hiroshi, Discolored, Marble It Up: Mayhem, UFO On Tape: First Contact, Sociable Soccer, and Guildings

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Apple to add some new games to the Apple Arcade subscription service.

And this time around we have six new titles. The familiar strategy exists, though: we get brand new games with a range of genres to choose from, including a couple of puzzlers, plenty of adventure, and some RPG fun, too.

But with this latest batch of new additions, Apple Arcade has reached a new milestone: 100 games! Apple has been pushing towards this goal since day one, so it’s certainly noteworthy in its own right.

So let’s take a look at what’s new:


This adventure title is developed by Sirvo Studios. It is described as a “story-driven episode adventure”, and it was created by Asher Vollmer, the same developer behind the mega-popular Threes. This new experience features hand-crafted low-poly environments to explore.

The player will have conversations and make choices within the game via a text-message inspired interface, and the characters in the game will react to your decisions and choices as you play. It features turn-based combat, with each Guilding offering a different set of powers to enjoy.

Interestingly, the Guilding’s power is tied to their mood, which can change as you play. It is tied to the conversations you’ll have in game, the combat, and exploration. Making sure your team stays happy will make the journey easier.

Marble It Up: Mayhem!

Developer The Marble Collective has brought a successor to Marble It Up! and Marble Blast, featuring high-octane marble action. There is a single-player campaign with dangerous obstacles to maneuver around, new paths to explore, ever-shifting gravity, and more.

There is also a multiplayer mode letting you tag your friends and other players while you hunt down gems. You’ll be able to collect new marbles and trails as you play, and be able to keep tabs on your scores through global and friends leaderboards.


This is a new title all about color developed by Shifty Eye. It’s a puzzle adventure that takes place in a single “desolate location” that has lost its color. You will be tasked with restoring the color in the area, while also discovering what took the hues away in the first place.

This is a first-person title, and you’ll be solving a lot of puzzles along your adventure. The environment will change and expand as you play, and the title features a striking soundtrack.

Sociable Soccer

Rogue Games put together this sequel to Sensible Soccer that grows on that original game’s strengths and develops new ideas. It supports both touchscreen and controller inputs, and gives players the ability to control every player on the pitch or simply sit back and watch as their players try to win a match. It’s multiplayer-supported so you can take on other player-controlled teams from across the globe.

You will be able to collect a whopping 25,000 individual and upgradeable player cards to build your teams, all from a pool of 1,000 international teams. There is a 60-hour campaign mode, a seasonal league system, and leaderboards to keep track of scores.

UFO on Tape: First Contact

This is a new action game from Revolutionary Concepts, a sequel to the same developer’s iPhone game UFO on Tape from 2010. You’ll need to use your phone to “capture footage” of unidentified flying objects in the real world.

Takeshi and Hiroshi

Oink Games, Inc. put together this puppet role-playing game (RPG) for Apple Arcade. it tells the story of two brothers (yes, you guessed it) named Takeshi and Hiroshi. Takeshi, the older brother, is building a game that his younger brother, Hiroshi, wants to play all the time. And since the game is still in development he sometimes plays the monster roles himself.

It’s an inventive title, bridging that puppet animation with an RPG-style adventure. The story is pretty strong, too, as Takeshi tries to build a compelling experience for his younger brother and make things more challenging, without being too challenging to prevent him from winning, along the way.

So, there we have it — Apple Arcade’s newest additions.