Apple Arcade adds Monomals, The Mosaic, Star Fetched, Super Mega Mini Party, and Jumper Jon

Whether or not Apple will keep this up for as long as Apple Arcade exists remains to be seen, but at least for now it looks like the company is content on adding new games on a weekly basis to its subscription service.

Apple on Friday added a handful of new titles to the video game subscription service, Apple Arcade. As has become par for the course there are a variety of titles to choose from, ranging in genres, so there’s quite a bit to choose from.

Let’s jus dig right in.


You take the role of an animal DJ in this music game, taking part in a giant music contest. You’ll be tasked with catching “Monomals” from deep waters with a fishing rod and a plug. Catching a Monomal means you’ll be able to create music with the “MonoMaker”. You’ll be able to create your own music as a result of catching each unique Monomal.

There are several different animal DJ characters to choose from, including the Retro Rabbit, Funky Frog, or Techno Tiger with more on the way. There are 21 “beautiful oceanic courses” to play through.

There is an offline “Hot 99” chart/leaderboard to compete against other players, and you’ll be able to not only rate people’s music but also have your own created music rated as well. Eventually, the developer says people will even be able to download the created music to listen to outside of the game. There are also weekly online contests, too.

Monomals was developed by PICOMY.

Here’s a trailer:

The Mosaic

This adventure title was developed by Raw Fury. The player is a “cog in the machine” of an ever-expanding city, living a monotonous and repetitive life. However, one day, on your commute to work strange things start to happen, changing everything about the character’s life forever.

This title is a “dark surrealistic and atmospheric” adventure game. It shines a light on urban isolation and the “dread of being a piece in a giant machinery you can’t understand”.

Here’s the trailer:

Star Fetched

Another adventure game, this one developed by Crescent Moon Games. Unlike the previous game this is a sci-fi platformer. The player is teleported to a distant galaxy where they are tasked with defending the solar system from an alien invasion. The game explores different genres at once, including tower defense, platforming, and it even has RPG elements.

There are six planets to explore, with various weapons, boots, and helmet upgrades to collect along the way. There are “tons of enemies” to mow through as you try to stop the invasion, with big boss battles as well. The original soundtrack was composed by Evan Gipson.

Super Mega Mini Party

As the title suggests, this is a multiplayer game meant to bring friends and family together. There are eight different challenging min-games to play through, and you’ll be able to play locally or online with up to three other players in the party mode.

In the solo training mode you’ll be able to hone your skills and collect achievements. The developer, RED GAMES CO., says that additional characters, mini-games, and “ways to explore”  are coming to the game soon.

Jumper Jon

This is billed as a “30 second adventure” game, developed by Esteban Duran. It’s a title in the “Metroidvania” genre, meaning it’s a side-scrolling action title. There are 10 different areas in hell to navigate through as the main character, all in an effort to save Jumper Jon’s girlfriend, Jane.

This title will actually be released in chapters, so future content is on the way beyond the initial batch at launch.

Players will be able to find special items and abilities to help them clear levels. There are collectable trophies obtainable by rescuing souls. Jumper Jon offers simple and intuitive game controls, with an “awesome” original soundtrack, and cartoon-styled graphics.

Do you have a favorite game you’ve discovered in Apple Arcade?