iOS 13.3 appears to fix ‘aggressive’ RAM management

Before the end of October, it was reported that iOS 13.2which launched to the public not too long ago– boasts some pretty “aggressive” RAM management, leaving many users to helplessly watch as their apps and Safari tabs reload constantly.

What is causing the change in RAM management remains unknown at the time. Some have suggested that it was a change that Apple had to roll out in an effort to reduce some of the stress on the A13 Bionic processor, especially considering Apple was introducing the Deep Fusion feature for the stock camera experience. Others, though, suggested it was a bug that Apple would patch in due time.

It turns out it was probably the latter of the two situations. According to some folks who have installed the first developer beta of iOS 13.3 on their devices, the new (pre-release) software appears to fix the aggressive RAM management. At least in broad strokes.

Aaron Zollo tested out the new software for this specific situation and discovered that it appears iOS 13.3’s first developer beta does indeed fix the issue:

However, Zollo quickly added a second tweet that suggested there might still be some aggressive tendencies to RAM management in iOS 13.3 after all:

And, finally, Zollo comes to a consensus that RAM management in iOS 13.3 is generally better than in iOS 13.2:

From others on the web, that appears to be their takeaway, too: iOS 13.3 is probably still pretty reload happy, as far as it compares to earlier versions of the mobile operating system, but compared to iOS 13.2 in its current state the performance appears to be better.

Of course, just how many people out there are opening 32 apps on a regular basis and expecting all of them to be ready and willing to start working without a refresh, especially after running in the background for any length of time, is probably pretty slim? Maybe? Hopefully all of this means that the average user, who might not open and keep 32 apps running in the background all the time, won’t see as aggressive RAM management as some other users.

iOS 13.3 is currently in its first developer beta phase. There will probably be several additional betas before Apple feels like it’s the right time to launch the new software to the public.

If you’ve tried iOS 13.3’s first developer beta, are you seeing the RAM management ease up at all?