AirTags setup process showcased in new screenshots

Apple is rumored to be working on a lot of things at any given time, one of those things being a Tile-like tracking device.

But while some rumors had suggested Apple would unveil the tracking device at its September event, that didn’t turn out to be the case. Which has left us waiting in anticipation for one of the company’s newest accessories. Until then, we’ve got Apple’s own software to help us get by, teasing new images and information in a semi-regular trickle.

Today’s effort? New screenshots that appear to show the setup process for AirTags (singular: AirTag), what is rumored to be the name for these tracking devices. MacRumors has the report, with the screenshots sent to the publication. Indeed, the screenshots look similar to what has been leaked in the past, albeit updated to match the revitalized Find My app.

The new Find My app shows the bar at the bottom that includes the standard “People” and “Devices”, and there is the new “Items” option that associates directly to the oft-rumored AirTag tracking device. There is a new “Me” option, too, which didn’t show up in earlier screenshots, so this could hint that Apple is still tweaking the app and its available options.

Here’s a look at the older screenshot, where the suitcase has been changed to a backpack in the new screenshot:

The “B389” codename surfaces here again, which lines up with early reports on the tracking device. And overall the screenshots are the same as we’ve seen in the past. However, the one at the top of this article does suggest Apple is still working on the Find My app ahead of the AirTag launch — whenever that might be.

Up to this point we’ve heard that the AirTag will use Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology for better, more precise location tracking. We have also heard that the tracking device itself will be “small and round“. And for those keeping track, iOS 13 itself has been hinting at the existence of this tracking device for quite some time now.

All of this originally popped up back in April of this year, when it was rumored Apple was working on a redesigned, unified Find My app and a tracking device similar to what Tile already offers. Only half of that initial rumor has turned out to be true so far.

Still, it certainly sounds like the AirTag tracking device is making its debut at some point in the near future. Is this an accessory you’re looking forward to?