Code in iOS 13 hints at Apple’s rumored Tile-like tracking accessory

Apple's rumored Tile-like accessory discovered in iOS 13

Apple has a new “Find My” app coming down the road, which is designed to help device owners find their lost pieces of technology. But the company is also reportedly working on a separate accessory, a “Tile-like” device that would make it easier to find any item, as long as the device is attached to whatever it is you’re looking for. Like your car keys that have wiggled their way into the couch cushions.

Apple’s Tile-like accessory was first reported back in April of this year, alongside the rumor that Apple was developing a brand new, unified “Find My Friends” app. That last bit turned out to be true, with Apple announcing the new “Find My” app at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 keynote on Monday.

Now, following the launch of the first beta of iOS 13, code within the software has revealed that the rumored Tile-like accessory could be coming down the pipe as well. 9to5Mac‘s Guilherme Rambo, with a tweet from Steve Moser supporting the report, show code within iOS 13 referencing something called “Tag 1,1”.

As noted by Rambo, this particular asset package within iOS 13’s code is meant to pair devices by proximity. Think AirPods and how you connect those to your iPhone. Rambo adds:

Another asset found on iOS 13 beta 1 also gives us a glimpse as to what this device will look like. It’s likely a mockup used for testing that was left out in the OS, but it matches descriptions of the device given by people involved in its development.

If Apple is working on this, and it certainly looks like the company is doing just that, then this accessory would make it possible for the owner to be notified when their device gets too far away from the tag. And owners will also be able to set specific location parameters as well, basically letting the accessory know certain locations that should be ignored for these types of notifications, like your office.

This would be paired with the user’s iCloud account, if the rest of the initial report is accurate.

Apple did not announce a Tile-like tracking device at this year’s WWDC keynote, but that doesn’t mean the device isn’t coming soon. Apple could be waiting until September to launch it on stage at the upcoming iPhone event. Or the company could simply launch the product without much fanfare at all, tossing out a press release and calling it good.

Whatever the case, it sounds like Apple is at least gearing up to launch the accessory at some point in the near future. The fact it’s tied with iOS 13 suggests we’ll be seeing this much later in the year, though.