How to create an Apple Watch face from the iPhone Photos app

Apple Watch Photo Face

Apple provides us terrific faces for Apple Watch. From functional to attractive, you have plenty of options. But one thing you have that Apple does not is your memories. So if you want to put your adorable pooch or smiling child on your Apple Watch as you’re perusing the Photos app, you have an easy way to do it.

Here’s how to create an Apple Watch face directly from the Photos app on your iPhone.

Create a Watch face from the Photos app

When you’re browsing through your Photos app and reliving great moments or giggling at the fun you had, you might come across a photo that would look just awesome on your Apple Watch. Luckily, you have a super easy way to immediately turn that photo into a Watch face, here’s how.

1) Select a photo in the Photos app that you want as your Watch face.

2) Tap the Share button at the bottom.

3) Scroll down to and tap Create Watch Face.

4) On the next screen, you can choose to use a Photos Watch Face or Kaleidoscope Watch Face with that photo. Tap the one you want.

Create Watch Face Photos iPhone

5) Your new Watch face will open in the Watch app. You can make some adjustments at the bottom like adding more photos, changing the time position, and adding complications. Tap Add at the top when you finish.

Add Watch Face Photos iPhone

Then take a look at your Apple Watch and there’s your new photo face!

The Watch face will be part of your My Faces collection in the Watch app in the My Watch section on iPhone. So you can go in and edit or remove it at any time, just like the other faces.

Wrapping it up

Being able to use a photo you love as your Apple Watch face isn’t new. But being able to create that photo face directly from the Photos app makes it handy when you’re already viewing a fantastic photo.

Do you like to use a photo as your Apple Watch face? Or do you prefer one of the more functional Watch faces? Let us know your thoughts below!