How to use your own photo as your Apple Watch face

Apple Watch photo face

One of the coolest things, and there are many, about the Apple Watch is that you can pick from a variety of faces. You can select one by function, mood, or taste. You might like the Activity face to quickly track your goals, the Breathe face for something calming, or Mickey Mouse for a little fun.

Along with the great options Apple gives you, you can also use one of your own photos as your Apple Watch background. You have a few different ways to make this happen and that’s what this tutorial is here to show. Here’s how to use your own Photo as your Apple Watch face.

Create a photo face in the Apple Watch app

The Watch app gives you the most options for the photo background you want to create. So, open the app on your iPhone and then follow these steps to create a photo face.

Use Memories or a Synced Album as your Watch face

These two faces will display a different photo from the corresponding collection every time you raise your wrist.

1) Tap the Face Gallery tab at the bottom.

2) Scroll down to the Photos section in the Face Gallery.

3) Select either the Memories face or the [album name] face, per your preference.

4) On the next screen, you can adjust the time position and complications.

5) Back to the top, tap Add when you’re ready.

Set Photo Apple Watch Face Memories iPhone

Customize photos for your Watch face

Let’s say you don’t want to use your Memories or a Synced Album as your watch face. Good news, you can pick whatever photo or collection of photos you want! And like Memories, you’ll see a different photo with every wrist raise.

1) In the Face Gallery section, under Photos, pick one of the unlabeled faces.

2) On the face page, under Photos, pick Custom and below that, tap to choose the photos to display. Tap Done.

4) Adjust the time position and complications as you like them.

5) At the top, tap Add when you’re done.

Set Photo Apple Watch Face Custom Photos iPhone

Create a photo face right on the Apple Watch

Maybe your iPhone is on the other side of the room, but you want to change your Watch face right now. Do one of the following.

Set one photo as your Watch face

If you just want one specific photo for your Watch face, this is easy.

1) Open the Photos app and find the photo you want to use.

2) Use Force Touch on the photo and tap Create Watch Face.

3) Select from Photos Face or Kaleidoscope Face.

Set Photo Apple Watch Face Photos App

Now the photo you picked is your new Apple Watch background.

Set a photo collection as your Watch face

If you want to use a collection of photos rather than just one, and again, your iPhone isn’t nearby, just follow these steps.

1) Use Force Touch on your current Watch face and then swipe from right to left and tap New.

2) Scroll using your Digital Crown until you get to Photos.

3) Tap to set the new Photos face.

Set Photo Apple Watch Face Photos Face

Wrapping it up

Everyone likes something different as their Apple Watch background. But there is nothing more unique than using your very own picture or collection of photos as your Watch face.

What are your thoughts on photos as Watch faces? Do you like the idea? Let us know.