Video: Apple Watch burning a CD

Yup, you read that right. Loyal iDownloadBlog reader Niles Mitchell has outdone himself once again. After doing a video around an Apple Watch connecting to an Iomega Zip disk, he’s set out to one-up himself by trying to burn a CD using the Apple wearable device. But will it work?

Directly connecting an Apple Watch to an optical drive and burning some content on a blank CD shouldn’t be possible because the watch lacks a standard I/O port like USB.

In order to make something like that possible, Niles has resorted to a trick employed in his previous video. In a nutshell, the guy’s using a web server to mount a CD drive, then emails himself an access link via iMessage which lets him open the rudimentary web interface on the watch and execute a short script that actually takes care of  burning the CD.

And just like that, indirectly, Niles was able to burn a folder to a blank CD from his Apple Watch.

iOS 13 and iPadOS support connecting to external storage devices such as hard drives and USB thumb drives but for those wondering — no, it’s not possible to connect a CD drive drive to an iPad Pro to burn CDs because iOS 13 doesn’t support the optical drive USB subclass.

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